Leadership Development Team

The Leadership Development Committee will be responsible for assisting new and established IMPI members in finding the best match for them to serve the chapter in a volunteer role. The group will work with the various committee chairs to get members assigned to their committees, in order to develop a strong succession of knowledgeable servant leaders to serve the Chapter in all levels of volunteer leadership.. The group will meet mostly via conference call throughout the year to determine progress and discuss new initiatives for developing and engaging members through volunteer service.

The committee meets quarterly and will require attendance at one of the seasonal symposium events and one networking event; members can expect to dedicate one hour of service each month.


  • Meet and engage a variety of members.
  • Serve the Chapter in one of the most important committees.
  • Become more knowledgeable about the volunteer process of the Chapter.

Responsibilities/Ongoing Tasks:

  • Assist the Chair in placing volunteers on committees/task forces.
  • Become a contact for the new volunteer and do quarterly check-ins with them once placing.
  • Help Director develop a quality Future Chapter Leader education program.