Communications Team

The Communication Committee is responsible for providing communication about all of IMPI’s events and initiatives members and partners. The group will meet primary via conference call a few times a month.  

Sub Committees include: 


Charge: To provide monthly e-newsletters to the IMPI membership that inform and encourage engagement.


  • Experience in proof-reading and editing
  • Experience managing deadlines
  • Involvement with Board members and other contacts that can build professional/personal relationships

Responsibilities/Ongoing Tasks:

  • Sets and enforces a monthly deadline to receive newsletter submissions from communications liaisons and IMPI Board members.
  • Reviews, proofreads, and provides minor edits to newsletter.
  • Chair sends approval through Director of Marketing/PR.
  • Reviews and proofreads newsletter draft and sends approval through Director of Marketing/PR.

Social Media 

Charge: To keep IMPI members engaged through various social media platforms.


  • Personal and professional social media presence
  • Growing the IMPI Chapter engagement
  • Experience working with Board members and other contacts that can build their professional/personal relationships

Responsibilities/Ongoing Tasks:

  • Coordinates with communications liaisons and IMPI Board members to maintain a presence on IMPI’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Ensures all IMPI and MPI Global events are marketed on all social media channels.

Communications Liaisons

Charge: To keep the IMPI Communications Team informed of all IMPI initiatives so they can be appropriately communicated to the membership and partners.  Communications liaisons serve a dual-role with the committees they are reporting on and will attend meetings of those committees (i.e., the Special Events liaison will serve as a member of Special Events committee who reports that committee’s initiatives to Communications.)


  • Experience working with Board members and other contacts that can build their professional/personal relationships
  • Build communication skills in addition to skills in another area (membership, event planning, etc.)

Responsibilities/Ongoing Tasks:

  • Takes minutes at all committee meetings and report details to the Communications Committee. 
  • Ensure all committee initiatives are represented in the newsletter, social media, website, and additional channels as necessary through coordination with the Newsletter Chair, Social Media Chair, Director of Marketing/PR, and VP of Communications.

Community Outreach 

Charge: To maintain and promote IMPI’s various CSR activities. 

Composition:  Committee is comprised of a chair and 1-2 members. Time commitment is highest in the November-December and April-May. Committee members will assist the Community Outreach chair in collecting donations for both Teacher’s Treasures and the RTV6 Toy Drive.


  • Experience working with community partners
  • Organizational skills
  • The chance to help those in need

Responsibilities/Ongoing Tasks:

  • Collect supplies and deliver to Teacher’s Treasures
  • Help collect items for the annual RTV6Toy Drive
  • Chair will serve as the point-of-contact with CSR partners to coordinate logistics for each drive as well as the communication liaison to the Communication Committee, ensuring the drives are properly marketed.  Committee members serve to support the chair in collection and delivery of drive items.