Education Team

The Education Committee is responsible for planning all education programs in conjunction with the Content Task Force and Director of Chapter Education. The Task Force will make recommendations as to program format and content, while the education committee is responsible for carrying out all logistics of the programs, including compiling promotion materials and handling speaker contracts.

Composition: The Education Committee is composed of IMPI members who have a vested interest in the chapter’s educational programming, would like to develop their skills as planners, gain experience in meeting/association planning, or those looking to network and maintain involvement within the chapter. 
The Committee will have (4) meetings per year – (2) in person, and (2) conference calls. Attendance is highly recommended. Education Committee members are expected to take a lead planner role on a minimum of (2) programs per year. Each program either has (1) or (2) lead planners, depending on the format of the event. The time required of a lead planner varies, but should not exceed 8 hours per program. Once a volunteer is committed to be a lead planner on a program, it is expected that he or she will fulfill the duty.

Benefits: Committee members will gain experience in association education management, program management, association structure/procedures, and educational programming development.

Education Committee Chair

Roles and Task Descriptions  

  • Keep committee roster current
  • Schedule committee meetings (recommended 4/year – mix of calls and in-person)
  • Send agenda and meeting reminder (1-2) days before committee meetings
  • Send minutes (1) week after each committee meeting
  • Train committee members on becoming lead planners
  • Assign lead planners / shadows for (6) Symposiums and (2) Meal Programs
  • Review Marketing form, send to director at least (6) weeks prior to event date
  • Review check requests, send to director at conclusion of program
  • Serve as main point of contact for all committee members
  • Assist VP and Director as needed

Education Committee Member

Roles and Task Descriptions  

  • Attend and actively participate in Committee Meetings (estimated 4/year)
  • Take “Lead Planner” role for minimum of 2 educational programs per year
  • Complete Lead Planner checklists during planning process, including marketing forms
  • Submit check requests for speaker and venue expenses (if applicable)
  • Send thank you-notes at the conclusion of program
  • Report to Committee Chair with progress and feedback

Direct Report: Committee Chair– Leslie Blye, lblye@iaconoproductions.com 
Director of Chapter Education– Andrea Watson, a.watson@legion.org